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International Beauty Show

Had an amazing weekend at the International Beauty Show. Typically over the years I have opted out of this particular show becauseView full post »

Why doesn’t my hair come out the way they do it in the salon?!

Clients are always saying “my hair never comes out like this when I do it at home” There are several possibilities why this isView full post »

Summer Hair Color

As summer is quickly passing by more and more of my clients are coming in asking me what they should do with their color. This is theView full post »


I have been telling this story for years. Most people that meet me for the first time ask me; “so how did you get into hair”?View full post »

Undone Hair

Get out the sea salt spray it is time for summer. More than ever women are embracing, uncontrived, undone hair. This trend started a fewView full post »

Can I Wear My Hair Long After 40?

I had a client sit in my chair the other day. We were discussing her age and the length of her hair. She said: “I want to keep myView full post »

Spring has SPRUNG!!!

Well, not really but at best we were teased a little. However, in the salon people are going nuts, every body wants to be a blonde, exceptView full post »

The problem with gray hair!

IT GROWS IN WAY TO QUICK. I could probably end this blog right there because that phrase pretty much says it all. However I willView full post »

Christmas and New Years are Finally Here!

Christmas and New Years are finally here and they comes faster every year. They said it would I just didn’t believe them. I have beenView full post »

Summer Blues, Fall Hair Color Ideas

The bad news is that the summer is over. The good news is with the ending of summer comes the opportunity for a new hair color. Allow me toView full post »

True or False: Hair Care Products Advertised As Natural Are Chemical Free

False! Not all hair care products sold in health food establishments are completely natural and may contain chemicals like SLS.  When inView full post »

Does Swimming Pool Chemicals Turn Your Hair Green?

Yes! Frequent swimmers with natural blonde or chemically highlighted hair that is extremely porous may experience the development of greenView full post »

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