Had an amazing weekend at the International Beauty Show. Typically over the years I have opted out of this particular show because it’s crazy, tons of people and too much going on. This year I changed my mind when I found out some of the education they would be providing and the people who were going to be there. 
My first class called “Editorial Refinement” was focused on editorial hair and everything that surrounds it. I sat in front of people like Babak a fashion photographer telling us for what he looks for when he works with a stylist and Dusan a editorial stylist who spoke about the fine points of executing a style for a women or man and paying attention to the fine details. Make up was also a huge part of this class Kari Kisch spoke of bringing out the beauty in a women and without over doing it. 
Shortly thereafter I had a pleasant surprise. Walking through one of the hallways I stumbled upon a class called, “How to survive and thrive as a hairdresser and salon owner” I had walked past a few of the classes that were available and this one really caught my eye. Michael Levine owner of three salons and one school in Canada was a breath of fresh air. He was so real about the struggles that hairdressers and salon owners face in the world of beauty. He kept it real, new how to drive home some hard points and keep everybody laughing at some ironic points.
Thirdly, I was humbled to sit in a class given by Ted Gibson, world renowned hairdresser, salon owner, TV personality, editorial hairstylist, and stylist to the stars to name a few. We only had a few hours but they were filled with a wealth of information and experience. You could sense the Unity between Ted and his team members. It was good to hear that even at the top of the food chain Ted focuses on serving the client, whether it be a famous actor/actress, model, client (in his salon in NY) and or one of his students attending the academies connected to his salons. Ted was down to earth and gave clear and definitive advice.
What really impressed me with all the classes I attended was that they were up close and personal. We were able to ask questions interact with the teachers and the models. These small settings made it possible to really connect with the teachers and get real answers to issues the industry faces. I am so glad I made the choice to take these classes.