As summer is quickly passing by more and more of my clients are coming in asking me what they should do with their color. This is the thing, their hair looks great, they just aren’t used to seeing their hair lighter than usual. This is what happens, everybody is having fun in the sun, their hair is getting lighter and their skin is getting darker. I tell them “go with it”; let your hair be light; this is the one time of year you can get away with it. The fall is right around the corner we don’t have much time left. The fall is when we make hair a little richer and darker since it is not fall yet enjoy the lightness and brightness of summer. That being said some of the hair issues we deal with in the summer are dry weather beaten hair; if this is you then I recommend products that will restore the hair back to it’s natural state and if that doesn’t work cut it off. Sometimes a good haircut is exactly what the Dr. Ordered and the only way to get rid of dead hair. If you are feeling a little washed out because of your summer hair and you’re losing your tan (because you have to work for a living) add a little bronzer into your makeup regimen this will add contrast between your light hair color and the color of your skin. Last but not least whatever you do, don’t buy over the counter color for a quick fix. I can’t tell you how many clients over the years have come in for emergency fixes because they tried an over the counter quick fix that ended up not being a quick fix at all.