I have been telling this story for years. Most people that meet me for the first time ask me; “so how did you get into hair”? The other popular question about 25 years ago was “how long have you been doing this for”? My standard answer was always 5 years until those 5 years passed and than another and then another; you get the idea.

I guess I was 19 at the time working at a dead end job and a friend of mine invited me to come with her to look at a beauty school, her name was Diane. All I remember was walking into the school and the registrar Barbara said that I should join the school. She was very intent on getting me to sign up and it didn’t seem like a sales pitch. We talked for quite a while, my biggest reservation was carrying around this pink bag with rollers, combs, brushes and all sorts of chic stuff in it. I couldn’t tell you what happened to Diane (some friend I was). I can’t remember if she joined the school if we left together that night, I just don’t remember.


I went in the next day to talk to Barbara and make my final decision. I always liked getting my haircut as a kid, liked styling it etc etc. My best friend and I would obsess over our hair. We would walk around in high school with the brushes in our back pockets. I had a stylist, back when I was sixteen, her name was Michelle, great gal. Michele worked in a fun energetic salon where everybody dressed up. This was my first inspiration to do hair but at 16 I was weary. Barbara showed us around the school it was filled with a sea of white lab coats and in those coats were girls. Yep, back at nineteen years old this decision was a no brainer.


Honestly though I love the profession, the products, the fashion, the upbeat atmosphere, the constant moving and I can go on and on. It has been 25 years or so that I have been doing hair (and this time I am not lying) and I still absolutely love it. It is so much fun cutting and coloring hair. You can take a person and completely change the way they look and act with a haircut. People visit the salon for life changing events and I enjoy being a part of that.

Barbara ended up being a faithful client of mine for years after I left school, I am glad she talked me into being a hairdresser.