Get out the sea salt spray it is time for summer. More than ever women are embracing, uncontrived, undone hair. This trend started a few seasons back but is still going strong.

Clients are asking how do you get the look. Most of what I see out there are really bad attempts at achieving the undone look. First don’t confuse the undone look with bed head (which is more of a romantic look) or messy hair (which is how you look before you have that first cup of coffee). The undone look of today is organic looking (very simple) The undone look is also not an excuse to not do your hair, contra-ire my friend, the undone look will take a few minutes of your time if executed properly.

undone hair

The first thing to realize is that the undone look is not for everybody. If you have fine, medium or thick hair that is super straight the undone look is not for you. The good news is this type of client doesn’t have to do much with her hair just wash and go; how many of you are jealous over that one? Now if you have this hair type and are bent on doing the undone look here are a few steps to make that happen. Wash with a volumizing shampoo, load up the hair with mousse, blow dry with your hands in a rough manner and tease randomly. This is a very hard look to achieve for straight hair people but can be done with practice and time.

undone hair 2

The best hair types for this new organic undone look are naturally wavy or partially wavy medium texture hair, curly or super curly hair is a totally different story. For this hair type shampoo condition as usual comb hair in shower; after towel drying hair use a dry cream (not a greasy one) or a LIGHT sea salt spray and scrunch it into your hair. Thats it let it dry. Just an extra tip, don’t comb your hair after you get out of the shower just run your hands through it as you put you product in and finger style as you like.

undone hair 3

For the curly hair girls undone hair is a different story. Your lot in life is to control your curls. You are either smoothing out or taming. Every once in a while I see a curly hair girl go with her natural curl with little or no primping this is the closest thing to the undone look. You achieve this by using a shampoo that will add moisture but not weight (no greasy conditioners) and add a heavy to moderate dry cream (not greasy). You will achieve a soft undone curl that is a little on the fluffy side.


Well their you have it folks you are armed with the skills to achieve the latest trend, see you next blog.