I had a client sit in my chair the other day. We were discussing her age and the length of her hair. She said: “I want to keep my long hair for a few more years because I know when you turn 40 your supposed to cut it off.” So is 40 the majic number at which women all over the world have to cut their hair short?


Let me start off by saying NO WAY! I don’t know who made the rule but it is a stupid one. Women just begin to come into their own at 40 and thats when the real beauty starts to happen.

So I would like to approach this in an artistic way that makes sense. If you never looked good in short hair since the day you were conceived, you will most definitely not look good in it when you get older.

Long hair and short hair has more to do with your features than your age. Your hair style needs to reflect who your are and who you are becoming at different stages of your life.


Let’s take a second to look at body and face shapes. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes: the apple, the banana, the pear, and sometimes the inverted triangle. Face shapes are typically: oval, round, heart shape, square, oblong, triangle and the inverted triangles. With out going into detail of which looks good on what, these shapes determine whether or not you should have long or short hair. Don’t forget weight and height.

That being said your stylist should be able to choose a style that fits your body shape and your face shape. At the end of the day it’s your personality; are you a long hair girl or not? Our job as stylists is to make you look good in what ever you want. It is also our job to let you know if something isn’t working but long hair over 40 is not an issue so go for it.