Well, not really but at best we were teased a little. However, in the salon people are going nuts, every body wants to be a blonde, except this one client I have Maria..ha…ha, private joke.

People are tired of the winter. Almost very client that has come in to the salon is asking “are you tired of this weather yet”? This time of year, highlights-on-brown-hair-2010-257x300

every year I find clients want to brighten things up a little. They want to get out of the winter doldrums. This year especially though; I guess the weather has just been to much for people to handle.

What I like to do with my following this time of year is give them a brightening affect to their color without making it look inappropriate for this time of year. What I mean is I don’t want to put my clients in their summer color yet because it is not summer; as much as we wish it was.

I find increasingly these days that people have had more than one bad experience with an hi-light service. In fact some clients that sit in my chair are down right scared to have an hi-light service done. Let me put you at ease; when a client of salon d’Artiste asks for a hi-light we have an consultation that will produce the results you really want. Further more our stylists know what will look good on you. Our choices for your hair are based on your look, your features and your life style.

On that note what hi-light is best for you? Do you have light skin or dark skin do you have blue eyes, green eyes, brown eyes were you born to be blonde and somehow you ended up having black hair; ooooopppps! All of these factors play into you and your stylist making the decision for the color of your hi-light, the placement of your hi-light and the amount of hi-lights you put in. The key is to trust the stylist you use to do your hair.

See you next blog…

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