Christmas and New Years are finally here and they comes faster every year. They said it would I just didn’t believe them.

I have been in the hair business almost 25 years and it is a very special time of year for the salon. It seems like this time of year you are guaranteed to see your whole clientele within 4 weeks. I have two types of clients; one group of clients plan their schedule 3 months in advance and come in right before Thanksgiving and the other will wait until after Black Friday. We are coming down to the last stretch most people have their appointments booked already but we have many that are still calling and we have been successful in getting them in. It is awesome to have the type of clientele that trust the hairdressers that work with me to fill in when I am not available and there coworkers when they are not available.

christmas makeup 2

Years ago when I was first in the hair business Christmas was a big holiday hair event. People would start coming in after Thanksgiving for up-style’s and makeup for Christmas parties. Every body had to have their hair done. Over the years it had been dwindling down. I don’t know if the parties stopped or people just decided to stay home instead. Time slots that were filled with people going to parties were replaced with people getting their haircuts or color.

Lately a cool thing has been happening that I haven’t seen for almost 15 years; people are getting all done up for Christmas parties again and Holiday outings. Most of my clients like getting their haircut and colored however there are a small percentage that compare it with going to the dentist (Now me personally if I had hair I would prefer to get my hair done it hurts less and is a-lot cheaper, but that is neither here or there). However clients who are coming in to get there hair and makeup done for an event are always happy to see us. They have this contagious energy that makes everybody happy.

christmas makeup 1

So the question is what do you do with your hair and makeup for these parties. I would start off with identifying where you are going. Is it a work party, or are you going over a friends house. You can go with an extravagant makeup and hair look or key it down a little. Our hairdressers and makeup Artists at salon d’Artiste will lead you down the right path.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year this year and don’t hesitate to call the salon for your holiday hair appointment!