The bad news is that the summer is over. The good news is with the ending of summer comes the opportunity for a new hair color.

Allow me to give you some guide lines for a new hair color and advice to what color would be right for you.

When spring starts I like to lighten and or brighten my clients up. The gray bleak winter can tend to dampen the spirit and dull the hair. Breaking into spring with warmer, lighter and brighter hair just enhances the energy spring brings with it. However by the end of the summer hair will lighten more sometimes washing your skin out sometimes enhancing tan skin.

I like to take advantage of summer hair that has been over lightened or washed out by over exposure to the sun. It opens up all all kinds of creative options.


Here are a few:

  • For blondes that are washed out; the approach of the fall is the perfect time to add warm golden tones or add shades of cool depth to add interest into your hair. This time of year allows you to have that summer blonde but with a fall twist.
  • Faded reds are an excellent opportunity to jazz up your color. If your red hair color has faded out because of summer fun in the sun it is time to throw in that electric red you always wanted. Due to excessive fading from the effects of the sun your colorist will be able to give you that bright red without chemically lightening your hair first.
  • Summer time will lighten your hair, brown haired girls turn medium to light golden blonde dark hair girls will see hints of chestnut come through. Many clients over the years get sad around mid November when their lighter color caused by summer eventually gets cut off. This is a great time to maintain the lightness that the summer has afforded you. For some this may mean a subtle lightening all over for others possibly some painted on highlights.


There it is folks, turning the summer blues into the good end of summer news!!

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