Client after client has been coming in looking for answers to the humidity in the air and what it has been doing to their hair.


First let’s talk about humidity. A lot of people hate how it will make their hair frizz but the truth is your hair loves humidity. The fact is humidity will make your hair healthy and full. Yes, it does make you hair frizzy and have uncontrollable texture but it does not make it dry, lifeless and flat like the winter does.

The question is how do you handle the frizz in the summer. Here are the answers:


– Start with the right shampoo. The shampoo is the beginning of the equation. In the summer time you want to use a shampoo that will smooth the hair and control it. Our two best products that control frizzy hair in the winter is Davines Love smoothing shampoo and our Keratin shampoo from a product line called GK. These products will help tame and control the cuticle of the hair. Using the wrong shampoo can encourage the hair to be more unruly in the humid weather by adding more moisture to the hair making it frizzier. Remember frizzy hair does not mean it is unhealthy it just means that the hair is swelling do to the weather.


– Use a conditioner that is compatible with the shampoo you are using. It is a bad idea to buy a shampoo from one line and a conditioner from another. Whenever possible try to use products from the same line, especially when it comes to your shampoo and conditioner. Product companies and research teams have formulated these products to work with each other. Conditioners that are made to smooth the hair are not the same as conditioners that add moisture to the hair or repair the hair with proteins. They are made to shut down the cuticle.

 – For curly hair the easiest thing to do is if you like your curly hair is to let it do its thing. The Moroccan oil product line has four excellent curl products to help control the frizz. These products will not make your hair sticky or hard but accent the curls in your hair.  If you have curly hairs don’t waste your time trying to keep it straight, curly hair is the easiest thing ever. With the right cut and the right products your summer can be carefree.

 anti humidity seal– There is a product in the salon called anti humidity spray. The girls use it like water. It is a finishing product that will add shine and seal the cuticle to prevent the hair from frizzing in humid weather. Curly hair clients can use this product but I find the girls who like to keep their hair straight in the summer can get enough of this product. It works it is as simple as that and our clients love it.

 –Another quick an easy fix is a head band. That’s right just pull it back and off of your face and move on. A head band is the easiest way to address the issue of big frizzy hair. It is the least damaging alternative to aggressive head bands or clips that break and damage the hair.

 headband-Finally my last recommendation is the keratin treatment. If you have full, frizzy damaged hair and like to do the impossible in the summer; that is wear your hair straight and smooth, this is the product for you. Last year I was on a mission to find a keratin product that works. Don’t get me wrong there are many keratin products out there that work but not all of them do it as effectively by using what our hair is made of (keratin) and not harsh and harmful chemicals to our environment and health. Our stylist have been trained and certified to apply the keratin treatment. That’s right; this is a treatment not a harsh chemical service like the Japanese straightening, which changes the structure of the hair permanently. The keratin straightening will help you to effectively blow dry your hair and keep it smooth without a drop of frizz. Without the keratin treatment my clients will spend up to an hour or more blow drying their hair and the minute they walk outside it turns into one big frizz bomb. What a waste of time to spend all that energy on making your hair look good for your day at work or play and have it revert the second you walk outside.



The truth is; you have a lot of alternatives. Choose one that will best suit your lifestyle, pocket and features, body and face shape. See you next blog and until then love your hair you will have a better relationship with it!