The keratin treatment is not something that was initially designed to straighten the hair, it was designed to restore and enhance the natural keratin in ones hair, reducing frizz and straightening the hair was an unexpected benefit. The outcome of the keratin treatment will vary based on the person’s hair type. Some results you can expect from the keratin treatment are; smooth shiny hair, less frizz, reduced curl, and a shorter blow dry time.

At Salon d’Artiste we use the GK Hair line, which focuses on the health of the hair as a number one priority. GK hair is ammonia free and “is the first and only company to harness the beauty benefits of Juvexin. Derived from sheep wool through an environmentally-friendly process, Juvexin is delivered to the hair in its natural state.”


We offer two forms of keratin by the GK Hair line, First we offer “The Best” which is designed to reduce frizz and condition the hair, while also maintaining a good amount of curl. The second kind is called “Resistant” the resistant is designed to condition the hair while removing as much curl and frizz as possible.

The keratin may take anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours, depending on which you choose and of course your hair type. The keratin is designed to reduce curl, not completely get rid of it, therefore it should never be confused with the Japanese Straightening, in most cases there will still be some wave or curl in your hair.


Common Questions:

When can I wash my hair?

If you choose “The Best” you may wash your hair the next day. If you choose the “Resistant” you must wait 72 hours before washing your hair. In both cases it is best to wait as long as possible to let the keratin settle.


Is it safe to have done if I color my hair?

Yes it is safe for color, in some cases it will help to seal the color. However it will sometimes lighten the color, so if that is something you do not desire you should have the keratin done first then wait about a week and have color done.


Will I still be able to wear my hair curly?

In most cases yes you will, however sometimes the hair will get pretty straight and curl becomes difficult.


Do I have to use a special shampoo and conditioner?

Yes, you have to use sodium chloride and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, which we have available at the salon for purchase.


If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at the salon at 631-589-5535 or Request an Appointment Online Now!