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How to Choose the Right Blow Dryer

There are so many blow dryers in the stores , how do you know which one is right for you? Here’s the skinny……


Modern dryers of today are different than blow dryers sold 5 years ago. They boast technologies such as tourmaline technology, ceramic, titanium, nano technology and Ionic technology. The question is do they really make a difference. First lets discuss what these technologies help you to do dry your hair.

Ionic technology reduces frizz and smooths out the hair. Negative Ions help to break up water molecules and dry the hair quicker from the inside out of your hair shaft. Ionizers negatively charge air molecules by adding extra electrons to the air atoms and molecules which in turn; remove twice the water, incurring less heat damage, less frizz; sealing the cuticle creating shinier, smoother, softer, healthier looking hair. These modern hairdryers create negative ions of varying degrees by using materials such as ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and porcelain. These technologies also regulate heat better.

When shopping for a hairdryer you should look for the hairdryer that doesn’t

use more heat than you need or take more time than it should to dry your hair, light weight ergonomic design, high ION out put, multiple heat and speed settings, cool shot button and/or power up button (increases power of air flow).

Okay, if you have made it up to this point you deserve to hear my personal opinion. If you have cheap blow dryer and absolutely love it don’t throw it in the trash to run out and buy another one, keep it until it dies and then go shopping. However if you continually notice breakage or split ends trash it and take the plunge.


Since, the new technologies came out I have used the best blow dryers money could buy and were perfectly happy with their performance and okay with the money I spent on them. This was the case for many years up until recently when I went into one of the distributors we use for the salon to buy products. I saw this big red blow dryer for a really cheap price. Well you guessed right, I couldn’t resist, cheap and red could it get any better. Well I found out all to soon that although this blow dryer was as powerful as a leaf blower it was a total piece of garbage. It was to hot, took forever to dry a head of hair and weighed a ton. A really bad investment. This new dryer had none of the new technologies it was a dinosaur. It was not ergonomically correct which means when it sat in my hand there was no balance at all which made it much harder to do my job (and would be horrible for a clients shoulders and arms at home). Every time I would blow dry a client I would have to be extra careful not to over heats my clients hair by manually cooling my hair dryer down (detrimental for the hair of the client blow drying at home). What happened here is I forgot and took for granted what these new technologies actually did for me and my high end clientele.


This is the blow dryer all the stylists at Salon d’ Artiste use


Moral of the story, DON’T GO CHEAP, make sure your not getting ripped off of course; do price comparisons and technology comparisons but don’t go for the substandard blow dryer you will regret it. Until next blog happy blow dryer hunting 🙂

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What are The Hair Style Trends for Spring 2013

Here we go again asking the same redundant question; what’s new? There is nothing new under the sun, but there are some really cool creative inspirations for your hair this season.

Let’s start with this first; just because it is new or so they say doesn’t mean you should wear it whether it be clothes, hair, makeup or color. We are all unique, what may look great on a model making 5- 10,000 dollars a photo shoot may not suit your needs. When it comes to a new look for you let’s look at you and do some reinventing.

Ash Brown hair are out this spring

Ash Brown hair colors are out this spring


Let me start with what seems to be almost out, retro hair and makeup, 80’s accessories and clothing. For years fashion magazines were pushing ash browns and dark hair not so much this spring. The good news is color across the board, from your darker browns to lighter blondes are warming up. Blondes are more strawberry and golden; browns have more flecks of ginger in them and finally dark hair is not that dark with casts of violet browns and burnt sienna reds.

Warm Brown color, and other warm hair color are in this spring

Warm Brown color, and other warm hair colors are in this spring

For my clients spring has traditionally been a time to start coming out of deep rich colors to something a little softer and lighter. This could mean adding diffused high lights into the hair or just simply brushing on some sun throughout the mid lengths. Watch out for bad hombres, which seem to be in abundance! Listen folks hombre’s are nothing new; been doing them for a year or two now. The problem with hombres on Long Island is; it is new to many who are trying to do them. A hombre is not meant to look like a solid line of blonde all around the head about 4-5 inches down the hairs haft. Hombres were meant to be diffused color throughout mid-lengths transitioning into bold bright tones. It was not meant to be brushed on natural color to introduce a client to color. Hombres were created to give colored hair dimension that looks grown out without looking grown out.

Middle Hair Part flattering on model..not so much on the average person

Middle Hair Part flattering on model..not so much on the average person

Ok, enough of that let’s talk about haircuts If you were to look to the runway for haircuts you would think that long hair down to your waist parted in the middle all one length is what is going on. Well it isn’t unless you are six feet tall and weigh 90lbs. So for the rest of us we look to the movie stars for inspiration. Scary right?


Bangs are timeless and a low commitment change with a big impact

 My clients ask me is short hair in or is long hair coming back or the other way around. Another famous question is, are bangs in? Whether the hair is short long or mid length, bangs or no bangs there is a place for each look in every season. My clients tend to do drastic haircuts in the fall and let their hair grow longer in the summer, some wear bangs some don’t. When it comes to a haircut your height your weight and your features are the most important deciding factors not what is in. There is always at least one movie star or supermodel cutting their hair off every season and one growing it in. During the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s there were signature looks that you could describe the decade with but since the year 2000 it seems like anything goes.

Soft natural curls like this are easy, beautiful and romantic

Soft natural curls like this are easy, beautiful and romantic

That being said curly hair is soft and wavy not big and frizzy like the last few seasons. Retro 40s and fifties hair is losing its impact on trends replacing itself with soft flowing less structured looks. The shorter haircuts that I have seen are just chop jobs and not flattering at all; Halle Berry should have kept her longer hair. No sense in having a short haircut on a woman if it doesn’t look feminine. Tousled waves and undone hair is still going strong and is not just for women with long hair we are doing these looks on women with mid length to short hair. Flat irons are out unless you are 14 to 18 years old and in high school where the girls are addicted to straight hair; a great look but detrimental to the condition of your hair. Time to trade the flat iron for the curling iron and use a protective shield spray before you start curling.


Happy spring see you next blog!


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