Myth or Fact: Hair Should Be Washed Every Day


     Myth, there is no correct schedule for washing hair. Every person should shampoo according to the specific needs of their hair type and texture. While some people do benefit from a daily shampoo, others benefit from a variety of shampooing schedules.

So who should wash their hair every day and who shouldn’t. Well, it goes a little further than knowing your texture, you also need to know your product. If you have hair that is fine,straight or thick, straight, flat and gets oily quickly, shampoo everyday. My recommendations would be to have two different shampoos on hand, a volume shampoo and a normal to fine shampoo. Interchanging these products from week to week or day to day will give you and your hair a little variety, this in turn will help you to have voluminous hair all the time, well most of the time any way. I’m not doing a shampoo commercial here so lets be realistic.

 voluminous fine hair

Medium density and slightly wavy hair and your wash schedule will depend on how healthy your hair is and how lazy you want to be. This hair type can be washed everyday with a gentle to normal shampoo depending on how curly or healthy your hair is. If you would like to wash your hair every other day than lay off on the product and try a dry shampoo on the second day.


Thick, dense, curly or wavy hair requires less washing than the other hair types. If you wash this hair every day you are doing it an injustice. This hair type can go as long as three days with out washing and in some cases longer. Washing this hair type every day means you are stripping it of it’s natural oils that help keep the hair shiny and lustrous. Although you can artificially replace this shine with products and treatments why bother when you can solve the issue by washing your hair less. This hair type does well with moisturizing or smoothing shampoos. I also recommend using a heavy duty moisturizing treatment once a week this will help maintain the health of the hair and make it a-lot easier to style. If you leave your hair natural and let the curls come through then a treatment seal the cuticle making for a nicer curl.

makeover spray

Just a F.Y.I. There are hair treatments made for every hair type; for the fine girls they will make your hair stronger and more voluminous for the medium to thick hair girls it will add shine, moisture and smoothness. For the girls that want to wash their hair every other day or even longer a dry shampoo will be a lifesaver, or at the least help you get through another day of not washing your hair. A dry shampoo like KMS Makeover Spray, should not leave any type of film or powdery look to your hair when you spray it into your hair. A good dry shampoo will maintain body and dry up any of the greasy’s.


Your hairstylist is the best source to help you choose a shampoo for your hair. He or she will be familiar with your hair type and condition. He or she will be able to choose a product for volume, nourishment, color care or keratin care. It is truly a shot on the dark by just reading the back of a bottle or buying a product because it has a nice package.


See you next blog 🙂 Duane