While there is an exception to every rule, salon products are generally manufactured to contain higher quality, more expensive ingredients that are designed to consistently provide more intensive cleansing, moisturizing and conditioning results. The quality ingredients found in salon products are not usually found in drugstore brands.

Years ago, I was attending a class for hair and the speaker up front said “why would a client invest money into their hair at a salon and then go to a drug store or supermarket to buy their products” No one in the class had an answer. He told us (the students) that this didn’t make sense; if a client was willing to spend time and money to look good, why would they stop when it came to their hair care regimen? Well I have the answer for you it’s their hairdressers fault for not telling them about it. So many of us (hairdressers) get caught up with the cut,the color and the conversation that we forget the client is going to take her hair home with her and we aren’t going to be there to help them recreate what we did in the salon. Shame on us, as hairdressers for not taking the responsibility to ensure our clients have the same experience at home that they did in the salon.


     That was my first thought my second was this; the client doesn’t believe there is a difference between a store bought product and a salon product. In a sense all products are made the same but are not created equal. Without diving into every ingredient found in the bottle I will try to explain this way. When you go to the gas station to fill up your car you usually have three choices 87, 89 and 93 octane. Now if you’re like me you probably go for the cheapest gas, regular. Know when I went car shopping one of the benefits of the truck I bought is that it can take regular unleaded gasoline and run just fine. Another words my truck doesn’t need 93. Now if I had went out and bought a Ferrari and put 87 octane gas in it you would probably blow a 150 thousand dollar engine. You know how touchy those Italian cars are 🙂 but seriously if you were doing home hair-color you might as well use the cheap stuff it won’t make that much of a difference. Concerning ingredients, one of the most basic ingredients in a product which is common to all products is water. Past that you can’t compare the ingredients in salon bought products to products sold in the supermarket.


Now just for a side note after hurricane Sandy when there was a gas shortage I was stuck getting super unleaded and not the not so cheap regular gas because the gas station had nothing else left. The guy told me he would charge me the same (awesome right)? To my surprise my tank of gas lasted a lot longer than it usually did. I still put regular in, but I am frequently tempted to use the good stuff 🙂

The best example I can give you for the upgrade to a better hair care product is skin care products. Now I know you will see on T.V. A 60 year old women with beautiful skin claiming to have used Dove beauty bar her whole life and nothing else on her skin. SERIOUSLY come on, she’s lucky if she used it once in her whole life and if she did she probably ran straight to her esthetician for a chemical peel. Cheap skin care stinks, it does the job but you will definitely notice the difference in your skin years from now if you start using the good stuff.

Listen if after this blog you still want to use the store bought stuff go for it nobody is going to die. Just giving you this guy’s opinion, see you next blog.