False. While some naturally light haired people may notice a slight lightening or brightening after prolonged sun exposure soaked in lemon juice, the majority of people will not see any obvious change in their hair lightness or brightness.

Wow that’s news to me, I always thought that was true but it makes sense that it isn’t. This statement must be right up there with, you can use mayonnaise as a conditioner or olive oil as a treatment. Personally, I would save it for my salad.

smiling lemon

All kidding aside there are many causes for hair to lighten. One of the best ways to naturally lighten the hair is just go out in the sun. Sun bleached hair can be beautiful, especially on girls that have dark blonde to light blonde hair, sometimes medium to light brown depending on the nationality. Most of your dark hair girls will lighten to a shade of red/ warm brown.

You will be surprised to know that to a certain degree blow drying will lighten the hair when using various products. You will see this most readily in the front hairline. Normally the hair closest to the hairline is finer on certain people, in turn this hair will lighten due to excessive heat and the different types of alcohol found in some hair care products.

Now, you may have known some one or even done this your self; (SUN IN) that’s right; I know you heard of it. This is probably one of the worst self lightening products ever created on the market, second only to self bleaching kits; I have fixed a few of those disasters.

sun hair

Hot tip of the day: don’t lighten your own hair it will cost you more in the long run.

2nd hot tip of the day: if you do attempt it your self try to get a hold of a friend that is a hairdresser to help you đŸ™‚

So instead of putting the lemons in your hair save it for your water, it is supposed to neutralize the P.H. and act as a mild detox, a much better plan.