Myth!  Many people swear that their hair will become immune to the benefits of the same shampoo used over time.  There is no scientific evidence to prove this myth.

I don’t agree, to a degree. Let’s work through this.

  1. Hair is dead, therefore it can’t have a human response to a product; our body, a living organism can (medications that we become immune to).
  2. Hair is made of a keratin protein like our eyelashes, eyebrows and nails.
  3. Hair has three layers:
    1. The outer most layer called the cuticle. This is the part of the hair where we readily see damage or coarseness. I like to compare this layer to the shingles on the top of your roof.
    2. The secondary layer is called the cortex. This is where most of our color services takes place. Color is developed and processed in this layer causing us to have that color we love.
    3. The third layer called the medulla has no significant purpose for our application. This inner most layer serves as the core to the hair shaft.


So why do we feel our hair becomes immune to our products. There is a four part answer for this.

  1. We get bored and need a change
  2. We get used to the benefits they provided.
  3. Each shampoo and conditioner is formulated differently, some are infused with proteins, oils others wheat, soy the list goes on and on especially with the organic craze. Finally the most important factor. Most of the products that we use leave ingredients on the hair shaft that are meant add volume, repair, strengthen, moisturize, cleanse etc. etc. These ingredients remain on the hair even after it has been washed; 80 percent of the time; this is a good thing, it is what makes them work.
    1. Just as a side note organic products are not all there cracked up to be, most of these products do not have the preservatives in it that give them an extended shelf life and keep it from being contaminated with harmful bacteria. For body, hair and face products it makes more sense, for your safety, to use products that say they are natural.   A natural product has up to 90% natural/organic ingredients in it with up to 10% preservatives that keep it safe for us to use and keep in our bathroom for an extended amount of time.
    2. Switching your product up is a good thing, it gets your hair excited or at the very least the owner. Changing your product introduces ingredients into the hair that do a new thing, more volume more smoothness more of whatever you wanted when you bought it. If you like what you are using and it is performing well for you don’t feel you have to change.

Remember cheap products have cheap ingredients in them which can cause an unhealthy build up on your scalp causing all sorts of scalp conditions. If you buy professional products there should be someone recommending them that know your hair needs, and what you like or you don’t like. Your hairdresser is most qualified to do this.