False!  Scalp or fungal diseases can’t be caught from sleeping with wet scalps.  Scalp fungus or infections requires prior involvement with infected sources such as humans, tainted hair care tools or animals. As an example, ringworm can be spread by infected animals.

Wow thats gross! Good to know if you have hair, I of course don’t.
Lets talk about something a little less gross. Many of my clients will wash their hair before they go to sleep.
Here are a few styling ideas for you. For the most part these ideas will work best for a lady that has hair below her shoulders; sorry short hair gals.
hair braid
For the gal that has hair falling below her shoulders here is a great way to style your hair before you go to sleep. Wash and condition add styling product then braid. You will wake up the next morning coiffed and care free waking up with great looking waves and curls.
For those of you who don’t know how to braid your hair try twisting it into a bun and securing it with a couple of bobby pins; try not to use aggressive clips or rubber bands that will crimp or cause breakage to the hair.
Just a tip for success,  before you braid or twist blot your hair leaving it damp dry and apply your favorite curl product in your hair. Don’t use something that is sticky to thick or leaves your hair hard and crunchy. At Salon d’Artiste we like Momo curling serum from Davines. Make sure your hair is not dripping wet.
makeover spray
Braiding or twisting your hair serves two purposes. Long hair girls should always secure their hair prior to sleeping or you chance having you hair matte and knot by morning time, in some cases impossible to comb out.
So what happens if you have mid length hair and you are not able to braid it?
If your hair is touching your shoulders I recommend not washing your hair prior to going to sleep. Try using hairplay makeover spray by KMS for your hair in the morning. This is a miracle product that acts as a dry shampoo, it will give the hair volume, reduce any oily build up and make it easy to work with. I use this product all the time at the salon on my clients it is highly useful for high end styling techniques.
There you have it folks see you next blog 🙂