False.  Rinse out conditioners applied to your hair right after washing will leave a deposit of moisturizing proteins and other ingredients on the hair shaft providing hair that feels softer, shinier or better conditioned.

Years ago we would use hair conditioners in the salon that promised a miracle for your hair and didn’t quite deliver. It was rare I would recommend a treatment for a client to take home with them because they didn’t work that great.

Daily conditioners and hair treatments have come a far way since then. They actually work! If you are diligent to use them as directed by either your hairdresser or the directions on the back of the product. Remember a conditioner does not work better if you leave it in longer or over night, that is a myth!  Does nothing more than clog the pores of your scalp and create an unhealthy environment for growing hair.


Let me break down a conditioner into two types in the simplest way I know how. The first type is going to be a conditioner you use after a shampoo daily or however often you shampoo your hair. Ten or twenty years ago these conditioners were called creme rinses or instant conditioners. Today your daily conditioners almost act as a mini treatment so it is important to get the type that is meant for your hair and the condition it is currently in. There is no one better to recommend a product that will fit your hairs needs than your hairdresser. These mini daily treatments are usually left in the hair for 1 to 5 minutes and can be done while in the shower or bath. The timing is perfect, when you are done with your shower the conditioner is ready to be rinsed out. Remember to make sure you follow the directions for how long the treatment is meant to be left in the hair. These mini daily treatments will make the hair feel supple, manageable, detangled and some will even add volume depending of the type of conditioner you are using.

A daily conditioner is not enough for the fashion savvy client. A daily routine for a lady consists of shampooing; maybe twice a day if she goes to the gym or exercises. She is blowing her hair out once or twice a day, she uses flat irons or curling irons and usually does not get her hair cut as often as she should due to a busy schedule. Most women need a weekly treatment just to keep up with the amount of stress they put on their hair every day. The second type of conditioner is a treatment and is left on the hair from 10 to 30 minutes, the norm is 15mins. If used on a weekly basis I have seen treatments transform my clients hair along with proper maintenance(hair cut every 4-8 weeks). These treatments will add moisture, proteins, oils, humectants and ph balancing in order to do one thing, seal and heal the cuticle(oops that’s two things). Treatments come in many different flavors some will build strength and volume into the hair, some will repair damaged hair and some will get rid of that brittle feeling that hair will get when there is no moisture in it. I can’t say it enough; if your treatment resides in the back of your bathroom closet, shelf or vanity behind the q-tips it will not work; you must use it once a week at the very least. You will notice as the weeks go by that your hair will be transformed before your eyes. Make sure a person who knows your hair inside out is the one recommending the treatment you will be using.

Getting back to our myth “rinsing out conditioner doesn’t provide benefits” all depends on the type of conditioner you are using. All conditioners that say rinse immediately or 1, 5, 10 or 30 minutes should be rinsed out (as per directions) and you will get the full benefits from them. If you rinse it out to soon you will not.

Your stylist may have recommended a leave in conditioner for you, those are self explanatory; leave it in don’t rinse it out. A leave in conditioner has been formulated to be left in and usually aids in styling your hair and restores it back to health at the same time. If your stylist has recommended a treatment and a leave in conditioner, you hair probably has special needs over and above what a normal conditioner and/or treatment would typically provide.

Bottom line: ask your stylist what conditioner and treatment is best for you and leave it in for the recommended amount of time; see you next blog 🙂