In the beginning of my career I attended two of many inspirational classes that molded my approach to my past, present and future clients. Michael Cole, a motivational speaker, taught me the importance of showing, sharing and using products with clients so they can achieve the same results at home.  After this class I made the decision to bring in the professional hair care products I learned about to my salon. My teacher, Winn Claybough a renowned speaker for Paul Mitchell, inspired me to strive for mastery.

Years ago I made the decision to open a salon in Oakdale. My motivation was to have my own creative atmosphere, where hair was not only cut but became art. I still stand firm in this practice!


Brookhaven memorial hospital event

My clients ask me all the time “how did you get started in the industry?”. At about sixteen I left school for the day because my hair was one big frizz bomb. You guessed right I had curly hair and a mullet for approximately ten years. Those were the days!  I went straight to the hair salon.  The salon was busy the music was amazing and the thought occurred to me; I should be a hairdresser.

Three years later a fellow co-worker at the time asked me to go with her to Wilfred Academy Beauty School and the rest is history…..

This industry has been good to me. I absolutely love doing hair and working with people. I strive to become the best hairdresser I can be through education and practice.


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