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Myth or Fact: Hair Will Always Remain The Same Texture

False. Although you may be born with straight, curly or wavy locks, there are many circumstances under which your hair’s ultimate texture can be permanently altered.  Pregnancy, medication, chemotherapy, age and other variables can cause your texture to be temporarily or permanently altered.

This is one myth I wish were not true. I deal with this almost every day in my career, clients that I have been doing for years will come in and bring up issues they are having with their hair and the last thing you want to say is it is because your ageing. First off it is very unfortunate that we live in a society that labels getting old as something bad, the standards we set for ourselves are based on some super model or movie star. Most of them have changed their faces and bodies so radically with surgery you can’t even recognize them. The rest of them can afford to spend their money eating food that is super healthy and prepared for them and have personal trainers sculpt their bodies with the latest craze in exercise. This however is not the case for the average person living the real life.

Of course there are several other reasons why your texture can change, like when a new mom; three months after giving birthand her hair starts to fall out around her hairline, thins or radically changes texture. I have see women with curly hair go perfectly straight after child birth and the other way around. Hormones have a profound effect on the hair. Medications and disease will also affect the texture of your hair. Some temporary changes to the texture of your hair can also take place due to a change in climate, weather and the water you use to wash your hair with.

Today a client came into me with some life changes happening to her hair, I have been doing her hair for a long time and she has always had predominately healthy hair. In this particular case I believe two things are affecting her hair. The first is the type of gray she has; which was not mentioned up above. There are two types of grey hair one is soft and easy to deal with the other is wiry and course, she had the latter. In most cases color will help to soften this grey hair type and even add shine to it. I also believe that the dry weather is also making her hair seem lifeless and damaged. I know what you’re thinking no humidity is great for the hair and you are partially right, it certainly makes for a better hair day but the lack of humidity along with the dry heat being pumped into your house in the winter and the cold weather is absolutely the worst for your hair not to mention your skin and your joints.

So enough whining and complaining lets deal with these issues. First off there is always something you can do to improve the condition of your hair no matter what is causing the change of texture. The first thing you want to do

is embrace this new texture, mentally this will put you in a place to take what you have and make it the best of it. Talk with your hairdresser and the both of you should be able to come up with a few reasons why this is happening. It could be as simple as changing yourshampoo or conditioner, maybe washing your hair less or getting rid of that abrasive cotton pillow case for one the has a high thread count and is hair and skin friendly. Check your diet; one of my clients came In today,( three months since her last appointment)she has been eating healthier and really taking care of herself and to my delight she walked in with a new head of hair it looked great. When I saw her last her hair was in some serious shape. She made it her thing to make some radical changes in her diet and it worked. Don’t despair there is hope for you new texture.



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Myth or Fact: Hair Grows Faster On Different Parts Of The Head

Myth No. 5: Hair Grows Faster On Different Parts Of The Head


     True. There is some scientific evidence that the growth rate of hair may vary on different parts of the head for select people.  There is also some indication that the growth rate of hair on babies may be faster on the crown than on any other parts of the scalp.  Usually the growth rate differences are very marginal and will not impact the hair appearance in any way.

     I really like this one. I always have to bite my tongue when a client says, “my back never grows” or “my top grows faster than everything else”. I usually just stand there and agree because it just seems useless to get into it. With a perplexed look on my face I will just say “really” and sound as surprised as possible.


     Nine times out of ten the reason why your back never grows is because you want it to and the reason why your top grows so fast is because you don’t want it to. Technically speaking shorter hair will seem like it grows faster because you can tell the difference more readily than you will with long hair. When a client, male or female has a short haircut every quarter inch makes a huge difference in the performance and shape of that haircut. With a longer head of hair it is feasible that going an extra week or two won’t seem like a big deal. The only wild card would be a long hair client who is completely in tune with their hair and its performance at different lengths which would pretty much describe my whole long hair clientele.


     The aging process also has a lot to do with different hair growth rates throughout the

head. Over the years both men and women thin out on the tops of their heads; unfortunately! Fear not ladies it is rare that you will see women go bald. This process of thinning hair as we age will affect the hair quality and growth of the hair which is why scalpfriendly products are a must for healthy hair growth. It really lights my fire when a company will say they have a shampoo and conditioner in one that will cleanse and condition or a cream like product that will cleanse the hair and scalp at the same time. On the other side of the coin cheap surfactants used in cheap shampoos can be very harsh on the scalp causing an array of nasty scalp conditions, and cheap conditioners that clog the pores of the scalp will do the same.


     Hair DOES grow at a different growth rates throughout the head and body for that matter. However it is so marginal that it should not affect the way your haircut grows out to a large degree.


!See you next time for our next myth or truth session!

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