True – Uncut split ends can travel up the hair shaft towards the roots.  Tresses that are not tended to, over time may develop splits that migrate and split all or part of the entire hair.  Some ends can actually tear multiple times so that your split ends have splits!Let me break this down for you:

Your hair shaft is made of three layers the cuticle the cortex and the medulla. The cuticle can be compared to the shingles on a roof, a protective layering. Those who have straight hair your cuticle is tightly wound (hence the lack of body or bounce) those of you who have curly hair your cuticle layer is open (hence the texture you experience on a humid day) the cortex is where all the action take place for those of you who have your hair colored, straightened or permed/waved. The medulla just hangs out in the middle of your hair strand, hoping you won’t damage his two buddies called the cuticle and the cortex; he knows if you get through them his life is over.

Product companies create products to either excite your hair into volume or chill it out into beautifully smooth hair. There are treatments available that will repair and prevent some of the damage that you do on a daily basis to your hair.

Hair can break at any point throughout the hair shaft when given enough stress.

Some causes of this breakage could be:

-hair clips

-rubber bands

-blow dryers

-curling irons

-flat irons

-and the list goes on and on.

Split ends are generally the cause of hair that is tired and is ready to be cut off. Having your haircut frequently (every four to eight weeks) will prevent your hair from splitting and also prevent a chain reaction down throughout the hair shaft. Think of your shoe laces (possibly for your sneakers),  you know when the end gets frayed and it is just a matter of time before they get worse and must be replaced. The same thing happens to your hair. Once it starts to split at the ends it will just keep traveling and before you know you have a big mess on your hands.

The gals with short hair typically don’t get bad split ends because their hair is cut more often. In their case they are getting their hair cut more often to keep the shape of their haircut. Long hair gals usually go a lot longer in-between their haircut because they don’t notice a huge change in the shape when it grows in a little bit. They also don’t like to cut their hair often because they don’t trust their hairdresser not to cut too much off. Long hair gals need to get their haircut just as much as the short hair gals.  Long hair does not need to be drastically cut to get rid of dead ends just a shaping (as long as you keep up with your haircuts) will do. Short hair I usually recommend 4-6 weeks long hair I usually recommend 6-8.

That’s Split Ends in a nut shell!I hope this article was helpful to you! See you next blog!

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