Lately I have been spending a lot of time on texture, doing photo shoot after photo-shoot with this theme in mind.I think most trends are set these days not according to creativity but based on getting the general public to spend money.


I enjoy the fashion magazines (never the articles) and the creativity that exudes from them. Many of the styles, looks, fashion ect.  are done in poor taste to excite the consumer into emptying their pockets. Every once in a while, however, you will find something classy and done in good taste.

This brings me to my point, I use fashion and trends to inspire a current theme I may be employing within my client base.   I will typically let their features and personality choose the coif on the day the come into the salon. Example I was assisting at a photo shoot out in the city and they were talking about what lipstick was in for that season and it turned out to be pink and I couldn’t help but think; sure its in because they are over stocked and decided to put it on some hotshot Hollywood figure to try to get rid of it.  Now its called the hottest thing, go figure.  If you choose your hair or your clothes according to what is in try next time to choose what looks good on you or what makes you feel amazing (in a superficial way of course).

Ending on this note , I love texture and it just happens to be in so if you look good in it try it out!!!!

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