Getting ready for that big event? Maybe a wedding, anniversary, birthday or night out. The place your headed has a five hundred dollar a plate minimum. You found that out from a friend who knows a friend who knows the father of the bride ect ect. It’s a formal event so you have to get dressed up. You’ve picked out the dress and now your ready to tackle your hair and makeup.

In your head your planning how everyone will look when you walk into the party; elaborate updos & formal hairstyles, flawless, glamourous makeup. You are probably expecting to see the typical French twist or oversized bun plopped on the top of some bodies head, making them look 6 inches taller than they really are. Break out of the mold, be unique, don’t get caught up with making your hair look perfect. The most beautiful styles out right now embrace the natural element of you hair.

Steps to Successful Stress Free Hair Style for a formal event

1- Wash your hair with a volume shampoo and use some volume conditioner (We love Davines Voulu Shampoo and Condition)

2- Apply liberal amount of  mousse to hair (We love Sebastian Mousse Forte)

3- Turn Curling Iron on

4- Scrunch hair & diffuser (a la the 80s)

5- Scrunch until you can’t scrunch anymore

6- Curl thin 1 inch section at random thru out hair. The more natural curl you get from scrunching and diffusing the less you will have to use the curling iron.  (This last step will bring your 80s looking big hair into the current fashionable textured looks we are seeing everywhere right now!


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