For years I have been teaching about face shapes and I am still learning. In the multicultural world we live in today it makes it more fun to look and discover the intricacies of our unique differences. Today I am going to focus on Rectangular Shaped Faces.

Sandra Bullock, Our classic choice for this shape face.

The rectangular face shape is very similar to the square in that it is defined. It is similar to the oblong in that it has the same length. If you have this face shape the good news is that you don’t ever have to worry about volume on the top of your head you could have the flattest hair ever and it would not matter.

Gisele Bundchen, The super model who rocks her shape, even down to her face!

Why is this you ask? If you have a rectangular face you will want to create width around the cheek bone area to widen your face. A long side bang is also recommended and very flattering. It will be important for formal affairs or weddings that you not pile everything on the top of your head, this will not be flattering.


What I really like about this face shape is the character and strong statement they make for a woman. I would not dare make a blanket statement but in my experience women who have this face shape usually mean business.

Julia Roberts , Our ultimate working woman.

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