There are many hair myths that circle the globe like urban legends. Like a new flu virus, once a hair rumor is started, it develops a life of its own and spreads like wildfire. Some of the strand stories endure for years.


We know that hair is dead. It grows out of a living something or other but it is still dead. Hair has many purposes other than the obvious. For some it is a shield from the sun, hair protects our skin. For you and I; hair serves as a frame where your features from head to toe can be manipulated into what we call you overall presentation to the world.

Ashely Green: Makes her hair healthy by going from long to short

That being said the only way to get rid of damaged split hair is to cut it off. I know some of you think that your hair is damaged because it looks frizzy or is limp, this is not necessarily true. Hair is like a fabric some have been blessed with silk others cotton. Damage is when the cuticle of the hair is destroyed from the inside out causing it to explode. Typically it does not style well and you have to do a lot of cover up work to make it look good.






Katie Holmes: embraces the “cut it off” trend by wearing a stylish pixie




My tips for damaged hair are these

1. Cut it off
2. Maintain the health of your hair with weekly treatments. (Consistently!)
3. Shampoo only a few times a week (fine, limp, oily or people with scalp issues excluded) with a professional salon bought product from a trained professional who knows hair. Namely they have to have a vested interest in making you look your best; which benefits the both of you
4. Don’t use a two in one shampoo and conditioner; this is horrible for your scalp! Your scalp like your skin needs to be free from a buildup of oil, dirt, salt, and product. Remember a healthy scalp is where it all starts. You hair will rarely be healthy if your scalp in which the root of your hair lives is not maintained.
5. Use product to protect your hair from the heat of anything you are using
6. Take a break from styling you hair once in a while, throw a texture cream or leave in styling treatment.

7. Keep regularly scheduled appointments for your hair cut (maintenance)
8. Make sure a well trained colorist is doing your hair, peroxide and ammonia when used incorrectly can have serious side effects on the health of your hair.

More myths to come stay tuned




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