I was driving out east to Vivienne Mackinderstudio wondering what was in store for me today. I mean I had the general outline of what was going on;interview with Ruth Roche: celebrity stylist, edGlamorous Curly Hairitorial stylist and former owner of Rare Hair Salon in NYC. I knew I would be helping with lighting, video, hair and special effects. 

Working for Vivienne always brings great opportunity to learn and experience new things.For example the model at one point needed makeup; luckily I brought my kit with me, so I offered. I am glad I was prepared; I didn’t think by any stretch of the imagination I would have the opportunity to do this type of work.



I arrived at 8:30 and started helping Matt Nappo with set up; lighting, video and other things like that. In just two hours I learned more than I could possibly store in my head. It would be really convenient if my brain had a backup hard drive! Matt also helped me with shooting in manual mode with my Canon G12 that my wife bought me for Christmas. He gave me expert advice on aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance settings when shooting inraw mode. Matt is the guy that gives Vivienne’s Hairdesigner  T.V. legs, and is a great guy to work with.

Vivienne Mackinder, Ruth Roche Around 9ish the crew started to roll in, Ruth Roche, Viv, DinaCulotta ( makeup artist coordinator and so much more), Cicily Rae(specialist) Dina (specialist), Trinity(model).  I couldn’t have asked to work with a nicer group of people.

Several years ago I attended classes taught by Ruth Roche. At one of the classes I attended with Ruth she had the whole class put on blind folds and cut a mannequin. It taught me to trust my hands and to visualize the outcome without seeing it. This was a pivotal turning point in my career words cannot describe what this did for my creativity. 


I am so happy I had the first hand opportunity again to watch Ruth work; creating many of the coiffed styles that are current and ahead of their time in hair and fashion. I was one of the first to witness Ruth interviewed by Vivienne Mackinder; soon to be aired on Hairdesigner T.V. stay tuned. Many times we see the person and we don’t see the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices it took them to get where they are. This interview covers it all.


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