It’s finally here!!! Our summer girl photo shoot has come together. Our aim was to provide a few amazing looks that any women can wear throughout the summer. Our first step was the location.  We found the perfect spot to hold our photo shoot; a quaint little beach and doc near Sayville.   Ok, so here was the crew for the day: our Model Leah Randazzo, Photographer Heather P. Davis, Hairstylist Duane Hodge, Makeup Artist Carla Delgado, and Videographer Dave Maung.  The first thing to keep in mind when doing a photo shoot is at least one thing will always go wrong….and it did. Just as we arrived and got started with our first shoot near the water, unexpectedly our model becomes injured! She had stepped on a sharp piece of wood that sliced her foot. But, as people say in show biz; the show must go on!

We broke the shoot up into three different looks…….

Look #1: Eclectic But Casual:

Long curly hair

We designed this look to show a great daytime style that can fit any women. The flow of the curls allows this style to transfer easily from a casual and free daytime look to classic fun but classy girl’s night out!



Look #2: Bohemian Chic:

braid, long hair , formal hair

This look is for the trendy, free spirited girl.  It’s fun, It’s casual and most of all it is trendy.  Whether you’re shopping in the city or relaxing in the Hamptons, it’s the perfect look for our bohemian women.


Look # 3: A Classic Evening:

classic updo

evening hair Several words came to mind when we created this look. Elegant, classic, sophisticated and glamorous!!  This is the perfect look for a night on the town.  Taking in a show, going out to dinner, or a classy cocktail party; any of these events would be the perfect place to wear this timeless look!






All three looks are a perfect variety of our summer girl looks like.

Heather P. Davis was our fabulous photographer whose eye caught the emotion and style of every look.  She was a blessing and her work can speak for itself! Carla a girl that is working for me about 2 years now is a wonderfully talented makeup artist combining talent with artistry.

I was introduced to Dave our videographer by a fluke; our marketing specialist and salon coordinator Katie mentioned that one of her best friends just graduated from school for shooting professional video. I jumped at the opportunity and invited him to shoot the shoot. With all of these elements coming together it was bound to be a success. I am anxious to work with everybody again and am looking forward to our next adventure, stay tuned.







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