Several years ago I went to buy a blow dryer. I had heard of this new technologically, it was an advanced Ionic blow dryer that promised smooth shiny hair if you used it. Like every other red blooded American I questioned the authenticity of this statement and felt like I was going to be ripped-off. Turns out, it actually worked quite well.  I will try to clear up any confusion concerning words like ionic, ceramic, far-infrared heat, nano and tourmaline.

 To start off I want to say that blow-dryers, brushes, curling irons and flat irons all claim to  have 1 or 2 of these technologies, some even claim to have all of them. In most cases you get what you pay for. If you go to CVS and pick up a dryer that says it has all of these technologies for 50$ I would seriously question it.

Lets start off with….

 Nano technology: Is used to make things stronger, more efficient, lighter, scratch resistant, repel water, you name it and nano technology can be used, like food, sun tan lotion, steel, I think you get the point. A nano meter is 100,000.00 the width of a human hair. A nanometer is still larger than an atom (what do you expect it is man-made) what all matter is made out of. Nano means small and some advertising can be misleading, if the word nano comes before ceramic or tourmaline it means it has less of these products in the blowdryer; not good! However if you see the words nano silver (antibacterial agent) and nano titanium (omits more ions) this is a good thing.

Ceramic curling iron

Ceramic: helps your brushes, blow-dryers, and irons to heat more evenly eradicating random hotspots that will cause damage to your hair. It creates an Ionic atmosphere for your hair to bathe in. A ceramic brush is also less likely to snag your hair. With irons when the label on the product boasts ceramic it is either metal coated with ceramic or the real thing, 100% ceramic. The latter is obviously better. Something to keep in mind; ceramic is softer than metal it chips and cracks easily and adds a few dollars to your bill.

Ionic:  means negatively charged ions that counter act damaged hair that contains positive charged ions (think of a magnet). When attracted to each other in the hair it creates smooth shiny hair.

Far- infrared heat: dries hair from the inside out, think of a hot sunny day but you’re standing in the shade. It’s still pretty hot but not as hot as it would be standing directly under the damaging rays of the sun.

Tourmaline: is a precious gem that creates more ions increasing the performance of the tool you are using. Tourmaline and ceramic both produce ions and are considered to be the same animal.

Titanium and ceramic irons are at the top of heated debates to which one works better. Popular opinion hasblond hair it that titanium heats faster than ceramic. This may be the choice iron for a professional, your hairdresser.

We have spent some time talking about technologies and I want to bring it home and talk about hairdryers since that is what the general public will be looking for.

Here is the deal, an ionic blow-dryer dries the hair by using negative ions to shrink water droplets in the hair as compared to old school hairdryers that collect air from your present surroundings and forces it onto the hair. The ceramic coated or ceramic coils in your blow-dryer help disperse the heat evenly causing less damage. Tourmaline as mentioned earlier increases the content of ions which is a plus for really damaged hair.

So I believe that your tools are very important to the outcome of whatever you want to achieve in life let alone hair. With this thought you may have a million dollar tool but if you don’t know how to use it the right way it probably isn’t going to be worth much to you;  on the other hand you may know exactly what you’re doing and using a dryer that is burning you hair to death, making your picturesque work look like a ball of frizz. If you are the type that feels like this isn’t for you or worth the money, that’s ok get a cheap blow-dryer keep it on a low heat, fast speed and go for it. You will end up blow drying hair the way we used to back in the day, with a blow-dryer that simply blows hot air J… for more helpful tips make an appointment at Salon d’Artiste in Oakdale NY!





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