Want healthy hair and skin?? Don’t we all…. here are some tips to achieve the healthiest you!

First thing you need to do is

  1. First thing in the morning take a shower, wash your face don’t moisturize, wash your hair don’t condition.
  2. Don’t blow dry your hair or add product and don’t put on make up
  3. Go back into your bathroom 3-4 hours later and examine your skin and hair. If your hair looks drycurly hair dull frizzy and damaged and your skin looks inflamed red broken out dry and or discolored, there are a few issues we need to discuss.

Of course there are extreme cases of skin disorders and hair textures that will give you this appearance without even trying however across the board everybody will be able to benefit from the information I will be giving you over the next few minutes. Even the worst skin and the worst hair have its level of looking good.

So why didn’t we moisturize our skin, condition our hair or put products in our hair which are very important elements to our skin and hair care regimen??? We wanted to see what you look like naturally. See using these product should enhance what you already have going right not take care of collateral damage.

With this let’s start from the inside out to give you your healthiest looking skin hair and nails.

You can tell a lot about a person’s health by the way their skin looks more so then the hair and nails because it is the biggest organ of the body. This amazing organ protects our insides keeps us cool by sweating and gets rid of a lot of toxins amongst countless numbers of other benefits.

Speaking of toxins they wreak havoc on your hair and skin. I can tell automatically if a person smokes as soon as they sit in my chair I can smell it in their hair.

For radiant skin and healthy hair try these out

  1. No fast food (processed garbage)
  2. Check your vitamins for toxic levels of chemicals that don’t need to be there
  3. I know it is expensive and a major rip off but start including organic foods and organic and natural face and body care
  4. Get rid of as much salt as you can in your diet (dehydrates you and retains water at the same time- imagine that)
  5. Dump the sweets (no sugar)
  6. Lose the white bread ( you don’t even want to know what that looks like as it is trying digest in your stomach and never truly does)
  7. Lose white rice (unnaturally bleached, chemicals)
  8. No soda
  9. No sugary drinks
  10. Drink mostly water and detox teas
  11.  Limit coffee (tough one for me J) your body will do this for you if your if you live the detox life style.
  12.   Stay away from t.v. dinners or pretty much anything in a  package (yes even protein bars that are supposed  to be good for you)

These ideas are only scratching the surface and are best to start one at a time if you aren’t doing them already. My grandmother used to say everything in moderation which holds true to a degree. I wouldn’t sacrifice a good meal at a great restaurant or anything, just balance it out. Eating like garbage once in a while won’t kill you, you may not feel quite yourself the next day because of your clean living.

13.  Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, steroids, and prescription drugs: if you are doing steps 1-12 and have issues with any of the following items you may as well forget about seeing any of the afore mentioned benefits.

Well I didn’t say it was going to be easy but people around the world spend billions of dollars on the quick fix (myself included) when if you just watch what you are putting in your body you will get better longer lasting results.

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