There are a lot of myths going around. I am sure you have heard of them; stories that are told yesterday and before you know it it becomes the new truth today; like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or eating Blimpie’s everyday will help you to lose 300 pounds. Myths like Mcdonalds and Burger King claiming they are serving healthy food. I think you get the point; before I go off on a tangent let’s just stick to the hair.

Hair Myth Number One: Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster and/or Thicker
This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. It amazes me that clients still come in and think that it’s true. In fact I have often considered telling them “yeah it does grow quicker when you cut it you should come in once a week”. However when I have tried to explain why it doesn’t grow faster when they cut it they look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about or are very disappointed, so I just skip over the statement and move on.

Hair grows out from the scalp originating at the papilla which gives the hair nourishment to grow healthy and strong. The root of the hair lays in the papilla taking in all those nutrients you put in your body every day or not with the effects of what you eat showing through the condition of your hair. This is why sometimes your hair can tell a story as to how healthy you are. Of course there could be a million other reasons why your hair may be damaged looking but this is also a valid point and one to consider.


The first purpose of a haircut is to get rid of dead ends. The definition of a dead end is one that is frayed, frizzy and/or dry looking. The second purpose maybe a little more important than the first one. Maintaining the shape of your hair is a must. The recommended lengths of time between haircuts are 4 to 12 weeks; 4 weeks if you really like to stay on top of your shape. 6 weeks for a mid length look. 8 weeks if you like a relaxed no commitment schedule. 12 weeks if you like the grown out look or are growing out your hair. Shape is huge not just for the look of the cut or the ability to make it full but the wrong shape against you features and face shape is not the way to go if you want to maintain your overall appearance.

Cutting your hair does not make it grow in thicker, it might work for grass; I don’t know, I’m not a landscaper, but it definitely doesn’tHillary duff work for your hair. In actuality you cannot do anything to make your hair thicker permanently. Just to put in a disclaimer if your hair has thinned because of some unnatural event, medications, ointments, time and vitamins may restore your hair back to its original thickness. Typically what you are born with you are stuck with. Not to depress you further but hair changes as you grow older; with everything else and for some that means thinner, finer hair.

What to do then if you have thin hair?!!?!
1. Cut it so your ends will appear to be thicker; because you cut the dead split hair off
2. Shorter lengths, appropriate to you features will make it look thicker
3. High end volume shampoos will fortify and thicken your hair. Cheap volume shampoo will rip your hair apart, giving it volume by stripping the cuticle and making it explode.
4. High end volume conditioners and treatments do some amazing things for fine hair.
5. Use a mousse, volume spray, texture gel or a styling lotion.
6. Sometimes keeping your hair one length will make it look thicker for others layers are the answer. (leave it to a trained professional to tell you what is best for you, like the ones at Salon d’Artiste ).
TIP: if you can see through your hair (through the lengths) it needs to be cut off!

I must say that I am amazed at the possibilities professional products offer for every hair type especially fine or thin hair. I have been in the business for over twenty years and I can honestly say the product back then couldn’t shake a stick at what they have now. The products today truly make your hair sing and dance, they actually work. So that’s it for myth number one, stay tuned there’s a lot more where that came from.

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