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Healthy from the Inside Out

Want healthy hair and skin?? Don’t we all…. here are some tips to achieve the healthiest you!

First thing you need to do is

  1. First thing in the morning take a shower, wash your face don’t moisturize, wash your hair don’t condition.
  2. Don’t blow dry your hair or add product and don’t put on make up
  3. Go back into your bathroom 3-4 hours later and examine your skin and hair. If your hair looks drycurly hair dull frizzy and damaged and your skin looks inflamed red broken out dry and or discolored, there are a few issues we need to discuss.

Of course there are extreme cases of skin disorders and hair textures that will give you this appearance without even trying however across the board everybody will be able to benefit from the information I will be giving you over the next few minutes. Even the worst skin and the worst hair have its level of looking good.

So why didn’t we moisturize our skin, condition our hair or put products in our hair which are very important elements to our skin and hair care regimen??? We wanted to see what you look like naturally. See using these product should enhance what you already have going right not take care of collateral damage.

With this let’s start from the inside out to give you your healthiest looking skin hair and nails.

You can tell a lot about a person’s health by the way their skin looks more so then the hair and nails because it is the biggest organ of the body. This amazing organ protects our insides keeps us cool by sweating and gets rid of a lot of toxins amongst countless numbers of other benefits.

Speaking of toxins they wreak havoc on your hair and skin. I can tell automatically if a person smokes as soon as they sit in my chair I can smell it in their hair.

For radiant skin and healthy hair try these out

  1. No fast food (processed garbage)
  2. Check your vitamins for toxic levels of chemicals that don’t need to be there
  3. I know it is expensive and a major rip off but start including organic foods and organic and natural face and body care
  4. Get rid of as much salt as you can in your diet (dehydrates you and retains water at the same time- imagine that)
  5. Dump the sweets (no sugar)
  6. Lose the white bread ( you don’t even want to know what that looks like as it is trying digest in your stomach and never truly does)
  7. Lose white rice (unnaturally bleached, chemicals)
  8. No soda
  9. No sugary drinks
  10. Drink mostly water and detox teas
  11.  Limit coffee (tough one for me J) your body will do this for you if your if you live the detox life style.
  12.   Stay away from t.v. dinners or pretty much anything in a  package (yes even protein bars that are supposed  to be good for you)

These ideas are only scratching the surface and are best to start one at a time if you aren’t doing them already. My grandmother used to say everything in moderation which holds true to a degree. I wouldn’t sacrifice a good meal at a great restaurant or anything, just balance it out. Eating like garbage once in a while won’t kill you, you may not feel quite yourself the next day because of your clean living.

13.  Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, steroids, and prescription drugs: if you are doing steps 1-12 and have issues with any of the following items you may as well forget about seeing any of the afore mentioned benefits.

Well I didn’t say it was going to be easy but people around the world spend billions of dollars on the quick fix (myself included) when if you just watch what you are putting in your body you will get better longer lasting results.

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Hair Myth’s

There are a lot of myths going around. I am sure you have heard of them; stories that are told yesterday and before you know it it becomes the new truth today; like Santa Claus, the Easter bunny or eating Blimpie’s everyday will help you to lose 300 pounds. Myths like Mcdonalds and Burger King claiming they are serving healthy food. I think you get the point; before I go off on a tangent let’s just stick to the hair.

Hair Myth Number One: Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster and/or Thicker
This couldn’t be the furthest thing from the truth. It amazes me that clients still come in and think that it’s true. In fact I have often considered telling them “yeah it does grow quicker when you cut it you should come in once a week”. However when I have tried to explain why it doesn’t grow faster when they cut it they look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about or are very disappointed, so I just skip over the statement and move on.

Hair grows out from the scalp originating at the papilla which gives the hair nourishment to grow healthy and strong. The root of the hair lays in the papilla taking in all those nutrients you put in your body every day or not with the effects of what you eat showing through the condition of your hair. This is why sometimes your hair can tell a story as to how healthy you are. Of course there could be a million other reasons why your hair may be damaged looking but this is also a valid point and one to consider.


The first purpose of a haircut is to get rid of dead ends. The definition of a dead end is one that is frayed, frizzy and/or dry looking. The second purpose maybe a little more important than the first one. Maintaining the shape of your hair is a must. The recommended lengths of time between haircuts are 4 to 12 weeks; 4 weeks if you really like to stay on top of your shape. 6 weeks for a mid length look. 8 weeks if you like a relaxed no commitment schedule. 12 weeks if you like the grown out look or are growing out your hair. Shape is huge not just for the look of the cut or the ability to make it full but the wrong shape against you features and face shape is not the way to go if you want to maintain your overall appearance.

Cutting your hair does not make it grow in thicker, it might work for grass; I don’t know, I’m not a landscaper, but it definitely doesn’tHillary duff work for your hair. In actuality you cannot do anything to make your hair thicker permanently. Just to put in a disclaimer if your hair has thinned because of some unnatural event, medications, ointments, time and vitamins may restore your hair back to its original thickness. Typically what you are born with you are stuck with. Not to depress you further but hair changes as you grow older; with everything else and for some that means thinner, finer hair.

What to do then if you have thin hair?!!?!
1. Cut it so your ends will appear to be thicker; because you cut the dead split hair off
2. Shorter lengths, appropriate to you features will make it look thicker
3. High end volume shampoos will fortify and thicken your hair. Cheap volume shampoo will rip your hair apart, giving it volume by stripping the cuticle and making it explode.
4. High end volume conditioners and treatments do some amazing things for fine hair.
5. Use a mousse, volume spray, texture gel or a styling lotion.
6. Sometimes keeping your hair one length will make it look thicker for others layers are the answer. (leave it to a trained professional to tell you what is best for you, like the ones at Salon d’Artiste ).
TIP: if you can see through your hair (through the lengths) it needs to be cut off!

I must say that I am amazed at the possibilities professional products offer for every hair type especially fine or thin hair. I have been in the business for over twenty years and I can honestly say the product back then couldn’t shake a stick at what they have now. The products today truly make your hair sing and dance, they actually work. So that’s it for myth number one, stay tuned there’s a lot more where that came from.

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Summer Girl Photo Shoot

It’s finally here!!! Our summer girl photo shoot has come together. Our aim was to provide a few amazing looks that any women can wear throughout the summer. Our first step was the location.  We found the perfect spot to hold our photo shoot; a quaint little beach and doc near Sayville.   Ok, so here was the crew for the day: our Model Leah Randazzo, Photographer Heather P. Davis, Hairstylist Duane Hodge, Makeup Artist Carla Delgado, and Videographer Dave Maung.  The first thing to keep in mind when doing a photo shoot is at least one thing will always go wrong….and it did. Just as we arrived and got started with our first shoot near the water, unexpectedly our model becomes injured! She had stepped on a sharp piece of wood that sliced her foot. But, as people say in show biz; the show must go on!

We broke the shoot up into three different looks…….

Look #1: Eclectic But Casual:

Long curly hair

We designed this look to show a great daytime style that can fit any women. The flow of the curls allows this style to transfer easily from a casual and free daytime look to classic fun but classy girl’s night out!



Look #2: Bohemian Chic:

braid, long hair , formal hair

This look is for the trendy, free spirited girl.  It’s fun, It’s casual and most of all it is trendy.  Whether you’re shopping in the city or relaxing in the Hamptons, it’s the perfect look for our bohemian women.


Look # 3: A Classic Evening:

classic updo

evening hair Several words came to mind when we created this look. Elegant, classic, sophisticated and glamorous!!  This is the perfect look for a night on the town.  Taking in a show, going out to dinner, or a classy cocktail party; any of these events would be the perfect place to wear this timeless look!






All three looks are a perfect variety of our summer girl looks like.

Heather P. Davis was our fabulous photographer whose eye caught the emotion and style of every look.  She was a blessing and her work can speak for itself! Carla a girl that is working for me about 2 years now is a wonderfully talented makeup artist combining talent with artistry.

I was introduced to Dave our videographer by a fluke; our marketing specialist and salon coordinator Katie mentioned that one of her best friends just graduated from school for shooting professional video. I jumped at the opportunity and invited him to shoot the shoot. With all of these elements coming together it was bound to be a success. I am anxious to work with everybody again and am looking forward to our next adventure, stay tuned.







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Let’s Talk Technology…

Several years ago I went to buy a blow dryer. I had heard of this new technologically, it was an advanced Ionic blow dryer that promised smooth shiny hair if you used it. Like every other red blooded American I questioned the authenticity of this statement and felt like I was going to be ripped-off. Turns out, it actually worked quite well.  I will try to clear up any confusion concerning words like ionic, ceramic, far-infrared heat, nano and tourmaline.

 To start off I want to say that blow-dryers, brushes, curling irons and flat irons all claim to  have 1 or 2 of these technologies, some even claim to have all of them. In most cases you get what you pay for. If you go to CVS and pick up a dryer that says it has all of these technologies for 50$ I would seriously question it.

Lets start off with….

 Nano technology: Is used to make things stronger, more efficient, lighter, scratch resistant, repel water, you name it and nano technology can be used, like food, sun tan lotion, steel, I think you get the point. A nano meter is 100,000.00 the width of a human hair. A nanometer is still larger than an atom (what do you expect it is man-made) what all matter is made out of. Nano means small and some advertising can be misleading, if the word nano comes before ceramic or tourmaline it means it has less of these products in the blowdryer; not good! However if you see the words nano silver (antibacterial agent) and nano titanium (omits more ions) this is a good thing.

Ceramic curling iron

Ceramic: helps your brushes, blow-dryers, and irons to heat more evenly eradicating random hotspots that will cause damage to your hair. It creates an Ionic atmosphere for your hair to bathe in. A ceramic brush is also less likely to snag your hair. With irons when the label on the product boasts ceramic it is either metal coated with ceramic or the real thing, 100% ceramic. The latter is obviously better. Something to keep in mind; ceramic is softer than metal it chips and cracks easily and adds a few dollars to your bill.

Ionic:  means negatively charged ions that counter act damaged hair that contains positive charged ions (think of a magnet). When attracted to each other in the hair it creates smooth shiny hair.

Far- infrared heat: dries hair from the inside out, think of a hot sunny day but you’re standing in the shade. It’s still pretty hot but not as hot as it would be standing directly under the damaging rays of the sun.

Tourmaline: is a precious gem that creates more ions increasing the performance of the tool you are using. Tourmaline and ceramic both produce ions and are considered to be the same animal.

Titanium and ceramic irons are at the top of heated debates to which one works better. Popular opinion hasblond hair it that titanium heats faster than ceramic. This may be the choice iron for a professional, your hairdresser.

We have spent some time talking about technologies and I want to bring it home and talk about hairdryers since that is what the general public will be looking for.

Here is the deal, an ionic blow-dryer dries the hair by using negative ions to shrink water droplets in the hair as compared to old school hairdryers that collect air from your present surroundings and forces it onto the hair. The ceramic coated or ceramic coils in your blow-dryer help disperse the heat evenly causing less damage. Tourmaline as mentioned earlier increases the content of ions which is a plus for really damaged hair.

So I believe that your tools are very important to the outcome of whatever you want to achieve in life let alone hair. With this thought you may have a million dollar tool but if you don’t know how to use it the right way it probably isn’t going to be worth much to you;  on the other hand you may know exactly what you’re doing and using a dryer that is burning you hair to death, making your picturesque work look like a ball of frizz. If you are the type that feels like this isn’t for you or worth the money, that’s ok get a cheap blow-dryer keep it on a low heat, fast speed and go for it. You will end up blow drying hair the way we used to back in the day, with a blow-dryer that simply blows hot air J… for more helpful tips make an appointment at Salon d’Artiste in Oakdale NY!





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The Real Ruth Roche


I was driving out east to Vivienne Mackinderstudio wondering what was in store for me today. I mean I had the general outline of what was going on;interview with Ruth Roche: celebrity stylist, edGlamorous Curly Hairitorial stylist and former owner of Rare Hair Salon in NYC. I knew I would be helping with lighting, video, hair and special effects. 

Working for Vivienne always brings great opportunity to learn and experience new things.For example the model at one point needed makeup; luckily I brought my kit with me, so I offered. I am glad I was prepared; I didn’t think by any stretch of the imagination I would have the opportunity to do this type of work.



I arrived at 8:30 and started helping Matt Nappo with set up; lighting, video and other things like that. In just two hours I learned more than I could possibly store in my head. It would be really convenient if my brain had a backup hard drive! Matt also helped me with shooting in manual mode with my Canon G12 that my wife bought me for Christmas. He gave me expert advice on aperture, shutter speed, ISO and white balance settings when shooting inraw mode. Matt is the guy that gives Vivienne’s Hairdesigner  T.V. legs, and is a great guy to work with.

Vivienne Mackinder, Ruth Roche Around 9ish the crew started to roll in, Ruth Roche, Viv, DinaCulotta ( makeup artist coordinator and so much more), Cicily Rae(specialist) Dina (specialist), Trinity(model).  I couldn’t have asked to work with a nicer group of people.

Several years ago I attended classes taught by Ruth Roche. At one of the classes I attended with Ruth she had the whole class put on blind folds and cut a mannequin. It taught me to trust my hands and to visualize the outcome without seeing it. This was a pivotal turning point in my career words cannot describe what this did for my creativity. 


I am so happy I had the first hand opportunity again to watch Ruth work; creating many of the coiffed styles that are current and ahead of their time in hair and fashion. I was one of the first to witness Ruth interviewed by Vivienne Mackinder; soon to be aired on Hairdesigner T.V. stay tuned. Many times we see the person and we don’t see the blood, sweat, tears and sacrifices it took them to get where they are. This interview covers it all.


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