Every chance I get to work with Vivienne Mackinder is always a great learning experience, but this one was extra special.   The people that I helped Vivienne teach, were a blast to be around.

Douglas Christensen , the owner of the Paul Mitchell School in Reno Nevada and proud owner of Ethan Douglas Salon, also in Reno and Lou Starita, owner of the Paul Mitchell School in Boise Idaho, took their students to be taught by Vivienne at Eagle Nest in N.Y.C.  This impressed me because I never heard of a school hosting a trip like this for their students.  The day I was there, they provided mouth watering cuisines for lunch and dinner and  I also overheard them talking about a play they were going to see that night as a group (The Lion King).

I wish I could have been a student at their school when I first entered the business.

The day started with an energizing glimpse into what the student’s future in hair could be. Then they practiced and studied the art of razor hair-cutting. After a late lunch the students dived into formal hairdressing and editorial work.

I have attended and taught hundreds of classes, but this one really stood out. These were my experiences with the students:

  1. Their skill level was beyond your average cosmetology student.
  2. They were all equally trained and possessed the same characteristics in their application.
  3. All of the students exuded with professionalism (Paul Mitchell schools obviously set’s a high standard) from the way they dressed to the way they expressed themselves.
  4. All of the students dressed in black and most had on their Paul Mitchell school t-shirts. They looked like a team and worked like a team.
  5. They knew how to have fun they were energetic and eager to learn.

As you can see I can’t write enough about these students. Their Excellency is a testimony to the Paul Mitchell schools culture and work ethic.

I was equally impressed with the owners of the school, which were there in person, along with their students. In speaking with both Doug and Lou you can see the passion they held for education and there student’s success.

I look forward to the opportunity of doing this again!






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