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Tackling Textures

Texture is the visual or tactile surface characteristics and appearance of hair. Your hair texture is something you are born with as time goes by it can change. Some of my clients have gone curly over the years, some straight, some thin, some coarse. In fact it has been said that our hair changes every seven years.  Today we are going to look at changing the texture of your hair with product to achieve a desired effect.

Texture effect

A textured effect can be achieved in the hair many ways.

Skip washing your hair for at least two days, this will give the hair a very tactile feel, easy to work with and very separated looking.

Use a dry shampoo, crème texturizer or spray in wax. These products will give you the lived in look and has a very tactile feeling. It’s also a breeze to put up!

Wavy effect/ Curly effect

Condition and comb in the shower, do not comb the hair after you get out. You can use your fingers to separate the hair. There are many products out on the market to curl your hair, gels, mousses, curl crèmes and sprays. All of them work quite well according to the texture of hair you have. Gels work well for a wet looking firm hold separation, mousses work well for a soft airy separation, curl crèmes create a very defined curl. Last but not least spray gels are usually used to increase the amount of curl in your hair and are also a good mixing tool. Now, of course there will be some exceptions to the rule and personal preferences. Once you have gotten out of the shower or bath, squeeze dry your hair to encourage the curl or pat down the hair to decrease the curl. To encourage the curl scrunch product into the hair, to deflate the curl pull product through the hair keeping it close to your head. For flat curly hair letting it dry on its own is the best way for the client at home and easiest. For big curly hair, diffuse that thing!!!


Big barrel of curling iron effect

One of my favorites, if you have a curling iron you are ready to go. Spray a setting spray in hair; not hairspray and take a section no thicker than the barrel of the iron you have in your hand. Split the hair down the center back of your head and start curling. Turn your head over and shake it out

Rag set effect

Rags can be bought in CVS in a bag with about twelve soft rag like curlers. This is a great way to make your hair extremely curly. Dampen hair with water run mousse through hair and wrap the hair around the rag and squeeze the ends around the base of your hair when you are at the root. Dry with a blow dryer for five to ten minutes as long as you just dampened the hair and didn’t soak it; and let it cool down for 15 minutes. Presto you have a head full of curls.

Hot roller effect

For a soft, pretty, classy look a hot roller set is the way to go. Spray in a setting spray on dry hair and take your preheated rollers, using sections no larger than the roller itself, roll down to the base and clip in place. Let this cool down for 20 minutes and I promise you, you will look glamorous.


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Choosing the right color for your skin tone








Wow, this subject is so huge I could write a 20 page paper just giving you the fine details of the matter at hand.

Let’s start with this

• Find a favorite magazine that you either like or closely relate with

When choosing a model make sure they have:

1. A hair color you like

2. similar skin tone to you

3. Close in age ( within five years)

4. Same hair texture, density and/or length

Rules of thumb

1. Never chose a color that blends with your skin or is the same level and/or shade

2. Choose a multidimensional color. This will allow you to have a blending of several tones to contrast, complement and enhance your skin color all at the same time.

3. Don’t choose a color that will make your skin look green or enhance the pink or red in your skin.

4. You need to trust your colorist. He or she will tell you the truth about how you look in your color, even if they just did it and

aren’t crazy about it.

If all of this sounds like too much of a responsibility, you are right it is. This is what you pay your stylist to do; make you over. They

should at least be able to tell you what looks good on you and what doesn’t. Color is tricky, from taking a wild shot in the dark to

just doing something because it s the latest trend. Color will affect your overall look so it’s important that you make an educated




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Class with Vivienne Mckinder

Every chance I get to work with Vivienne Mackinder is always a great learning experience, but this one was extra special.   The people that I helped Vivienne teach, were a blast to be around.

Douglas Christensen , the owner of the Paul Mitchell School in Reno Nevada and proud owner of Ethan Douglas Salon, also in Reno and Lou Starita, owner of the Paul Mitchell School in Boise Idaho, took their students to be taught by Vivienne at Eagle Nest in N.Y.C.  This impressed me because I never heard of a school hosting a trip like this for their students.  The day I was there, they provided mouth watering cuisines for lunch and dinner and  I also overheard them talking about a play they were going to see that night as a group (The Lion King).

I wish I could have been a student at their school when I first entered the business.

The day started with an energizing glimpse into what the student’s future in hair could be. Then they practiced and studied the art of razor hair-cutting. After a late lunch the students dived into formal hairdressing and editorial work.

I have attended and taught hundreds of classes, but this one really stood out. These were my experiences with the students:

  1. Their skill level was beyond your average cosmetology student.
  2. They were all equally trained and possessed the same characteristics in their application.
  3. All of the students exuded with professionalism (Paul Mitchell schools obviously set’s a high standard) from the way they dressed to the way they expressed themselves.
  4. All of the students dressed in black and most had on their Paul Mitchell school t-shirts. They looked like a team and worked like a team.
  5. They knew how to have fun they were energetic and eager to learn.

As you can see I can’t write enough about these students. Their Excellency is a testimony to the Paul Mitchell schools culture and work ethic.

I was equally impressed with the owners of the school, which were there in person, along with their students. In speaking with both Doug and Lou you can see the passion they held for education and there student’s success.

I look forward to the opportunity of doing this again!






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