This is a hot button topic these days. The baby boomers are getting tired of coloring there gray hair and the x generation is starting to go gray.

Clients get angry when they see a quarter inch of gray and I can’t blame them.

I mean who wants gray hair? Here are some guidelines for those who are already coloring their gray hair, for those who want to

start and those who want to stop.

1. Color will give you a youthful appearance; and done correctly will look natural (if you want natural).

2. White and gray hair looks best when the person embraces it and has the perfect skin tone to amplify it. There are those who

look amazing in gray hair, these are usually people whose gray hair contrast their skin tone. Example: white or silver gray hair mixed

with black or a gun metal color in it looks amazing against a cool clear complexion.

3. Congratulations to the women who want to liberate themselves from the responsibility of coloring their grey. If this is not you

and you’re finding coloring your hair a miserable experience then choose not to do it, liberate yourself. Keep your gray hair shiny and

healthy. A great cut and an amazing blowout can offset the overall appearance of gray hair and enhance the color.


4. Having color put in your hair is similar to getting new makeup. It’s fun! It’s great to see how different colors affect how you

look and how you feel about yourself. Appropriately placed design lines in a haircut cut will take years off no matter what color your

hair is.

5. Many clients will tell me I am keeping my gray hair because I am accepting the aging process. Good for you but what does that

have to do with coloring your hair? Hey I’m accepting the aging process to but I don’t like my goatee gray; I look like Santa clause if

I don’t color it and because gray hair looks horrible with my skin tone I look tired if I keep it gray.

Whatever your choice is let Salon d’Artiste in Oakdale help you look the best!




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