In the words of the great, late Frank Sinatra; “Chicago is my kind of town.”
It was late at night when I arrived in the city; unfortunately it was also the weekend of daylight savings.
What a great start, right! When I got to the hotel I was starving. I guess fate felt bad that I wasn’t going to be getting much sleep, so it graciously connected Ruth Chris Steak house to my 1920s mod style hotel.
Yeah!!! That night ended later than I would have liked. So, of course the next morning started a little earlier than usual.

Chicago looked like a ghost town in the wee hours of the morning, it was surprisingly calming. That feeling quickly went away as I entered a completely different world; the buzzing model room.
Over the years I have worked at several events but this one was different.

Intercoiffure was the host and my boss Vivienne Mackinder is the creative director for this international institution.
The styles being created were outrageous and the pressure to perform was intense.

The moment I walked in to the model room I started preparing models for the show.
There had to be at least twenty models there. Stage time was in a few hours, All the models had to be done on time with no room for error.
They would be going on stage in front a large audience. Vivienne was so sick that day but as the old saying goes the show must go on.
I am surprised she made it to the end. The hair turned out great and the Intercoiffure show was a hit.
After this experience I have found myself addicted to the energy in the model room and likewise on stage. I am looking forward to working with Vivienne and her amazing crew again.

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