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Exotic Black Hair

A few years ago everybody was going black or really dark brown.

Hollywood mega-stars were taking their locks from vivacious

blonde to exotic black. Black/dark brown is one of my favorite

colors. I like when a color contrasts a skin tone; creating an

undeniable frame around the face. Be prepared to use some make

up if you have light skin. Dark hair-color never goes out of style it

is always chic. Hair color trends may come and go but dark hair is

here to stay. Remember coloring your hair dark is a long term

commitment. This applies even more when you are changing your

color from a light shade to dark.



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Youth is wasted on the young

Youth is wasted on the young.

How cliché! I have heard this so many times. Now that I am older I get it.

That being said, one day you wake up, look in the mirror and realize things are changing. You look again and realize your hairstyle and color isn’t.

Here are some tips for youthful looking hair.Sometimes short hair isn’t the answer, try letting it grow a few inches. However long overgrown hair can add years. Cut your long hair into a shape that compliments your personality, body type, face shape, and lifestyle.

Side swept bangs or a fringe will perk you right up. They will bring attention to your eyes and cheekbones. Bangs cut properly will hide imperfections; cut improperly it will draw attention to them. I recommend having a trained professional like the ones at Salon d ‘Artiste help you achieve this look.

Spice it up! Add gold, ginger or bronze to your hair color. This will create a warm glow to your skin

Add volume to your hair. When done strategically, it can create the illusion that you just got a facelift.

Sometimes a perfectly coiffed style denotes age. Loosen it up a little!

Get rid of those broken, frizzy split ends! When the hair looks tired so will you.

Healthy, shiny, well done hair will always make you look young and vibrant. Try using a treatment once a week or shine products that won’t weigh your hair down.

If your current hair color is two shades darker than your natural color, lighten it up. Although I don’t feel like everyone should be a blonde because they are getting older, I do feel your color should look flattering and believable.

Experiment with a stylist that is experienced and passionate about what they do. You can find one at salon d’Artiste in Oakdale, see you soon.


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White and Gray

This is a hot button topic these days. The baby boomers are getting tired of coloring there gray hair and the x generation is starting to go gray.

Clients get angry when they see a quarter inch of gray and I can’t blame them.

I mean who wants gray hair? Here are some guidelines for those who are already coloring their gray hair, for those who want to

start and those who want to stop.

1. Color will give you a youthful appearance; and done correctly will look natural (if you want natural).

2. White and gray hair looks best when the person embraces it and has the perfect skin tone to amplify it. There are those who

look amazing in gray hair, these are usually people whose gray hair contrast their skin tone. Example: white or silver gray hair mixed

with black or a gun metal color in it looks amazing against a cool clear complexion.

3. Congratulations to the women who want to liberate themselves from the responsibility of coloring their grey. If this is not you

and you’re finding coloring your hair a miserable experience then choose not to do it, liberate yourself. Keep your gray hair shiny and

healthy. A great cut and an amazing blowout can offset the overall appearance of gray hair and enhance the color.


4. Having color put in your hair is similar to getting new makeup. It’s fun! It’s great to see how different colors affect how you

look and how you feel about yourself. Appropriately placed design lines in a haircut cut will take years off no matter what color your

hair is.

5. Many clients will tell me I am keeping my gray hair because I am accepting the aging process. Good for you but what does that

have to do with coloring your hair? Hey I’m accepting the aging process to but I don’t like my goatee gray; I look like Santa clause if

I don’t color it and because gray hair looks horrible with my skin tone I look tired if I keep it gray.

Whatever your choice is let Salon d’Artiste in Oakdale help you look the best!




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Duane at Intercoiffure in Chicago

In the words of the great, late Frank Sinatra; “Chicago is my kind of town.”
It was late at night when I arrived in the city; unfortunately it was also the weekend of daylight savings.
What a great start, right! When I got to the hotel I was starving. I guess fate felt bad that I wasn’t going to be getting much sleep, so it graciously connected Ruth Chris Steak house to my 1920s mod style hotel.
Yeah!!! That night ended later than I would have liked. So, of course the next morning started a little earlier than usual.

Chicago looked like a ghost town in the wee hours of the morning, it was surprisingly calming. That feeling quickly went away as I entered a completely different world; the buzzing model room.
Over the years I have worked at several events but this one was different.

Intercoiffure was the host and my boss Vivienne Mackinder is the creative director for this international institution.
The styles being created were outrageous and the pressure to perform was intense.

The moment I walked in to the model room I started preparing models for the show.
There had to be at least twenty models there. Stage time was in a few hours, All the models had to be done on time with no room for error.
They would be going on stage in front a large audience. Vivienne was so sick that day but as the old saying goes the show must go on.
I am surprised she made it to the end. The hair turned out great and the Intercoiffure show was a hit.
After this experience I have found myself addicted to the energy in the model room and likewise on stage. I am looking forward to working with Vivienne and her amazing crew again.

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