Hair you wear by Raquel Welch.

It started at 5 am in the morning. I woke up wondering if I was going to get there on time. Scrambling to take a shower and get dressed, possibly a bite to eat. Ran down to the salon, got all my hair stuff, went to Starbucks, grabbed cha tea latte and I was good to go!.
A few weeks ago I was invited to do hair at a photo shoot for a wig and hairpiece line called, Hair you wear. Vivienne Mckinder extended the invitation to me.Model shoot for hair extensions
The actual shoot started at 9 and ended at 6ish. We worked all day doing hair for the 2011 advertising campaign for hair you wear. We showed how potential clients could use these pieces to completely change their look or just add a little length or thickness to their hair.
Vivienne Mckinder has been doing this work her whole life, I on the other hand was a little green. It was exciting to work a photo shoot where the tab was at the $100,000 mark. I must have done something right because at the end, I was asked to do an event in Chicago and Miami. The Chicago event is called America’s beauty show, a well respected event where all the top dogs meet to show off their stuff.The space in N.Y.
I have been diligently practicing session type work, four days a week at the salon; early in the morning. This is necessary to produce the type of work that would be considered respectible around this crowd. What does this type of work have to do with salon d’Artiste of Oakdale?; EVERYTHING. After doing an clip on extensionsevent like this the energy you bring back to the salon is  unexplainable. The clients love it.

Please stay tuned for upcoming news. Ciao for now!!!


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